Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Wez G - Shuffle Classics - Volume 1 - Park it in the club with no name

Yeah - I'm djing with Hacienda legend, Graeme Park, April 12th. till then here's a new classic house podcast episode....

Sweat it out and SHUFFLE!

Wez G - Shuffle - DJ set podcasts

House Music All Night Long!

Wez G - Shuffle Classics Vol 1 - Park it in the Club with No Name

Enjoy! -- Wesley Gerrard

Podcast Global Downloads hits 500

Today the wez g podcast site, now open for three weeks, will hit it's 500 downloads mark which I enjoy. Running the site I get up to date stats, some of which are in a global map form... the full three week version looks quite impressive but I thought I'd show you guys the weekly global download map on the fan page. I do need more fans by the way!!! :)


The link for the main podcasts is:


Shuffle on!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Last fm - What a great place to hang out!

I've been spending the afternoon chilling on last.fm, listening to some really great music. For those of you that aren't yet aware, lastfm is the latest craze and is a very futuristic music site. it can be linked to current social networking applications like myspace, facebook and indeed here.... There are lots of interesting features to the site... the main point is that it gets good music to you and is very much consumer orientated as well as being most excellent for artists. If you sign up there please be sure to search for Wez G.

One of the interesting features of this revolutionary site is the charts it generates. it scrobbles all the music you play through your computer and then produces charts and generates neighbours with similar tastes. I've benn on the site a couple of months now and here is my overall listening chart to date. As you see, i listen to far too much ABBA and Madonna to pass myself off as a credible house music DJ! It can be embarrassing but it's fun! Just try it out and then I can tell when you've been listening to Boyzone...

Friday, 22 February 2008

Seeking Salvation

Wez G - Seeking Salvation

Vision: In a bleak desert. Sand swirling. Wind churning. A city beckons. It is vast, black, towering. It lies near to the edge of the desert and seems to be calling me in. What does it mean? Is this civilisation? This journey takes you through temptation on the road to salvation. Do we need to resist the civilisation that calls? Is this the electronic cyberworld of the future? Is it the destiny of man or do we stay in the wild desert away from the terrors of this unknown world?

1. Gus Gus - Believe (16B Remix) [White]
2. Trentemoller & DJ Tom - An Evening with Bobi Bros [Global Underground]
3. M People - How Can I Love You More? (Sasha's Ambient dub) [Deconstruction]
4. Ösgür Can - Weightless [Plastica Red]
5. Ralph Rosario - Brinca Pt.3 (Eric Entrena Vs David Amo & Julio Navas remix) [Tweek'd Records]
6. Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel (Ashtrax remix) [Deviant]
7. Deadmau5 - Vanishing Point [Play Records]
8. Phonique - 99 & A Half feat. Alexander East (I:Cube Remix Sasha Live Ableton Version) [Global Underground]
9. Sun & Fyzo presents Tribal from Lithuania - Tarabanda [Tribo Recordings]
10. Grace - I Want to Live (Rollo & Sister Bliss Big Mix) [Perfecto]
11. David Guetta feat. JD Davis - The World is Mine (F**K Me I'm famous remix) [Virgin]
12. Bang - Leave me Alone (Full Vox mix) [Plastica]
13. Lost - Final Faze [Lost]
14. DJ Nibc feat. Karime Kendra - Deliverance (Tyken Järntorget Electro Remix) [Trunkfunk Records]
15. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Timo Maas remix)

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The RSS Feed for manual input is http://wezg.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

Shuffle on till the dawn...

Wez G - Shuffle - DJ set podcasts

House Music All Night Long!

Seeking Salvation

Enjoy! -- Wesley Gerrard

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Wez G - Shuffle - Podcasts / Player

For the past few weeks I've has a podcast page, http://wezg.org.uk It's in my opinion the most effective way to get my DJ sets over to you in today's electronic environment. Below you see the player which has the five shows to date. I'm well happy with the snake in my head mix. If you ignore the rubbish I wrote promoting it and listen to the music you'll see what I mean! For those who subscribe to podcasts using rss feeds, here is the address http://wezg.podomatic.com/rss2.xml
It's available on itunes, zencast, beatport.com and mobilcast (straight to your mobile) You can listen in the player and don't worry if the whole ipod thing scares you. The mix can be easily downloaded as per usual in a simple mp3 format....

Get with the electronic generation and hear here the Wez G shuffles...

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Rafa's got his Dirk Kuyt!

Don't you just love it when we're completely written off by all the media and opposition fans? I swear, I love it because I know we'll play really well. half -time Istanbul they all did it. They did it when we were beaten by Burnley a few years ago and we won European Cup. Everyone says sack Rafa and we beat Europe's best team. Who needs murky saturday afternoons at Barnsley when you can be playing at world's showcase game in Moscow. Priorities, Priorities. Yeah - sure Mancs and Chavs will prove yet again that they're better than us at beating Bolton and Blackburn, but we'll be there when it matters. Cream always rises to the top and Liverpool yet again prove that they're world beaters...Trust in Rafa. Rafa's got his Dirk Kuyt!!! YNWA!

Snake in my Head

Wez G - Shuffle - DJ set podcasts

House Music All Night Long!

Snake in my Head

Enjoy! -- Wesley Gerrard

Milan Blues

The heyday when this video was taken is long over... Luckily enough, I made it to Istanbul for the Champions League Final in 2005 when Liverpool beat AC Milan in the greatest game of football ever to have been played. It was the best time of my life. For a Liverpool fan , it's all about winning trophies and they don't come any bigger than ole big ears...

(Read in the facebook group about Hungary for Turkey, my trip to Istanbul http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8280656361)

I am at odds with myself about posting Liverpool stuff in my blog. At the end of the day, whereas I know there are many avid fans out there. , I realise that for the majority of you, you support other clubs and the last thing you wish to read about is Liverpool FC. Anyway, Liverpool play a huge part in my life so I'd be dishonest if I didn't include the occasional article here in the Wez G blog...

Just grin and bear it. It helps hearing about football success from time to time . And your clubs might be able to learn from the greatness of Liverpool. They are, after all, indisputably, the best side in British football.

I can just see the grin on Manc faces as they read this. Yes - Last weekend Liverpool lost to lowly Barnsley in the FA Cup. I admit it - we were very poor. Yes - we're having a bad season. We are still a club in reconstruction. Europe is our only hope this season.

And Europe it is tonight. AC Milan's blue cousins, Inter, are the best side in Europe this season. They are the only side in Europe to still be unbeaten. They strike the fear of God into me. But we have faced adversity before. I just hope that our players produce their A-game tonight. We need the hunger of Stevie G , the ruthlessness of Carragher and the sheer dominance of Fernando Torres. We need the manager to have a clear head. I am a huge fan of Rafa and will never call for his head. NEVER. Not after Istanbul. He can lose to Accrington Stanley every week as far as I'm concerned. Trust in Rafa is the motto. I can, however, see how he's under pressure and a poor result for Liverpool to night could mean curtains for the gaffer. Since Paco left it's been problems all the way and the new American owners don't help...

Tonight we face Figo, Veira and Ibrahimovic amongst other great stars. Inter will be no push over. I just hope the salvage of our season can begin here. Let's face it , it has to. I believed at half time in Istanbul and Milan blues mean little to me. We will turn over the poorer cousins of the Rossineri and go on to Moscow to win it SIX TIMES!!!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Getting excited about Tricia!!!

As this blog progresses you'll get to learn more about Shuffle and what exactly we do. It isn't always very clear, even to me, and I've been running Shuffle since 1995. Anyway, 2008 sees the year where we are focussing a lot of our energy on Shuffle artist management. One of the gems we deal with here is Tricia Lee Kelshall.

Tricia is a Trinidadian singer who currently resides in Texas, USA. Her initial steps to stardom were with Soca band, Second Imij. Following that Tricia did two world tours with the Stereo MCs, an awesome band , I'm sure you'll agree.

Tricia's entrance to the house music scene involved a collaberation with Bristol best house music band, Way Out West. Mindcircus was a massive hit for them and the icing on the cake to their Intensify album. Tricia went on to tour the world with Way Out West before settling down with her new husband and starting a family.

Tricia is now back on the scene. And all shuffled up! We're pleased to be working with such class and have been focussing on ensuring that Tricia will be working alongside some of the best producers and remixers in the industry for future releases. There is a new myspace for Tricia here... http://www.myspace.com/tricialeekelshall

There will be forthcoming projects, i'm pleased to say, and the reason I'm all excited today is that I've had a sneak preview of some of the forthcoming work. All I can say is that you can expect 2008 to be a good year for Tricia. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she doesn't release one of the house music hits of the year and that isn't just blind pride and bias talking. I am an experienced DJ and assure you that there is some good stuff on its way... I obviously can't say too much on the detail at the moment until releases are confirmed but I will release public information through the Shuffle websites as soon as possible. SO Stay Tuned and we look forward to giving you aural pleasure!

Here is Mindcircus by Way Out West featuring Tricia Lee Kelshall

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Kosovo - Independence

I'm still unsure exactly what to be doing with my blog... Do I keep it to just music? Or football? Or everything in my life? My idea of a blog is an online diary, somewhere to air your thoughts. I guess sometimes that thinking can be controversial.

The blog is new but news happened yesterday and a new European country was 'created.' Now gentlemen should never discuss religion or politics and one of my aims in life is to carry the grace of a true English gentleman, a dying breed in today's morally mixed-up world. but there we go... rules are made to be broken...

I wanted to briefly talk about Kosovo as I went to Serbia in 2005 and it made a deep impact on me. I passed through on my way back from Istanbul in 2005 post-champions league final.

The full story of that journey can be read here on the facebook group 'Hungary for Turkey' http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8280656361

I met lots of Serbs and they were particularly welcoming. There is a lot of good history between Britain and Serbia apart from the NATO airstrikes during the Yugoslavian conflict in the 1990s. Racially, the Serbs claim to be true Celts which with me being from Wales, lent them an affinity to me... My ideas on the Balkan conflict weren't clear but I know that in general in the Western press the Serbs come across somewhat as the villains of the piece. Now , all I can say is that there were undoubtedly some serious atrocities committed during and indeed after the whole conflict. It was one of the messiest civil wars in European history. However, all sides committed atrocities. Such, unfortunately , is the nature of war. I read and studied quite a lot on Serbia and can recommend the book by Tim Judah: The Serbs for some decent background knowledge.

Regarding Kosovo, I was told stories by many natives during my stay., in particular an Orthodox monk, who sold me some icon cards of the Kosovan monasteries, at Belgrade train station. The Serbian people were saddened by the ongoing international presence in their 'historical backyard'. Most of Serbia's precious historical buildings and monuments are located in Kosovo and it is a very important historical area to their proud nation.

What happened is that the Ethnic Albanian population living in Kosovo through a higher natural growth rate, became the dominant population in the area. The political effect of this created friction with Belgrade and during the bitter intra-ethnic fighting during the civil war Kosovo bore the brunt of some of the fiercest malcontent. Since the fighting 'ended' Kosovo has still been an ongoing subject of debate and potential dispute and there has been a constant international peacekeeping presence there. Yesterday, the Kosovan regional government, with the backing of the USA and Britain but under fierce opposition from Russia and Serbia itself, declared independence. That there isn't a fresh war already surprises me slightly. I think that as things now progress there will be a lot of new tension in the whole area and Serbia will reject integration with Europe completely and lean further towards its traditional Russian allies. This seems a shame to me after meeting so many nice people there.

I know that this deoesn't make anything right politically and that there are people who feel particularly strongly about this issue who will know far more than I do. I put my foot in it the other week, talking about Serbia with a friend, whose family were ethnically cleansed Hungarians from the North of Serbia . Also my Auntie is actually of Albanian heritage. Plus I have made friends from all over the former Yugoslavia and in other Eastern European areas. I do, however, based on my own reseacrh, feel that Kosovo does correctly belong to Serbia and shouldn't be independent.

When you are an Englishman living in Wales you are well aware of national frictions. However it would be a very unsettled world, moreso than it is indeed now, if breakaway regional groups were simply legally allowed to spring up into nation states everywhere. Wales is technically a principality, not a nation. I'm sure that there'd be a few Welsh people who'd love a war with Britain or a complete breakaway nation, but the issue is addressed politically. rightly or wrongly that is so. In other areas such as the Basque region of Spain or in Northern Ireland, there has been a great deal of trouble due to issues of nationhood. What are your feelings on Kosovo?

Let warlike arms give way to the peaceful gown, and to the statesman's praise the victor yield his crown... (CICERO-The Offices)

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Welcome to Wez G Blog

Hi All

Welcome to the new Wez G Blog. i'll try to keep this updated with snippets of useful information and goodies for you...

I'm a DJ and since 1995 have run a company called Shuffle which has mixed itself up in all areas of the music industry. See more on Shuffle at the facebook group here:

Specifically I'm a house music DJ. You can keep updated with regular Wez G podcasts through my site here:

there is an rss feed also: http://wezg.podOmatic.com/rss2.xml

I hope you enjoy this blog and I'll try to keep it updated as much as possible...


Love & Peace

Wez G